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The vision of Trechanji is to give the same opportunity to everyone in the world of SAP. It will be possible to build a business based on the personal skills of a single developer in the same way as it is for big companies. Trechanji will provide the place and the tools to let this vision become reality. We take it as a mission to include all features a real Market Place should provide and you can be part of this developing Market Place.

Fair Trade

It is important for us to happify people we connect. Therefore Trechanji will be transparent and fair to customers  and developers. Our goal is to provide you a completely satisfying experience.


Trechanji itself and the Nuggets to find are strongly driven by you as a part of the community. From the first moment you are the one cultivating Trechanji's future! Engage in the conversation by joining our Trechanji Campfire.

Security & Quality

Trechanji has its focus on code security and code quality. Developers will be supported by automatic and manual code checks for created Nuggets. Results of these checks will be made available to the community.


Trechanji will be the Market Place to exchange programs for SAP environments. It will support you in extracting your development solutions and code snippets into so called Nuggets and publish them as Treasures on the Market Place. Others can browse and search these Treasures and download them based on conditions you are going to define. Nuggets from within your Treasures can easily be uploaded into a SAP environment again.

Online Catalogue


Developer Tools


Trechanji is currently under development and there is nothing we can show you - yet. The below path explains, what our journey might look like. We would be very proud, if you walk some miles together with us on this journey!

  • Closed Beta

    Phase One - Let's start together

    In the closed beta you as a subscriber of our mailinglist will be informed about updates of the platform and you will get first live experience.

    As an early adopter we like to encourage you to support the definition of the development roadmap.

     You are welcome to share your experience, give feedback and suggestions at this stage already

    Take a seat at the campfire and listen to or even engage in the conversation..

  • Extended Beta

    Phase Two - Invite your friends

    After some time, Trechanji will have changed so you will love it. Now it is time to invite your friends to join the digging and treasure hunting. Your and your friends feedback and ideas are always welcome and will influence the next development steps.

  • Open to everyone

    Phase Three - Open to the world

    Based on your and your friends' input and contribution Trechanji will be a real market place. 

    We will open the market place to the world and provide even more possibilities to enjoy the digging and treasure hunting.

  • Increase your satisfaction and reach

    Phase Four - Let's walk together

    As we all learn together, we will continue to develop Trechanji towards an open market place, which supports your needs for building a successful business with SAP development.

Contact Us

If you directly want to get in contact with us and share your feedback or learn how to participate,
give us a call or write an email. We are eager to hear from you!

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